Jamilla Latumalea

Jamilla is a Supply Chain Management student with a big interest in Lean. Together with her passion for diversity and inclusion, she tries to acquire the best and most suited participants for the event, in an efficient manner. She will also make sure that not only the participant selection but also the whole event will be carried out in a diverse and inclusive way. After her working hours, she likes to go for a run or try to recreate a ‘van Gogh’. When things get a bit more normal again, she hopes to travel around Europe by herself, to get to know and learn from all the different cultures and people she will meet along the way. But for now, she will put all her energy into making the Falling Walls Lab a success, together with the other organizers!

Nicole Tsang

Nicole, a non-EU master law student, who decided to come to Groningen in the middle of the (rather stressful) semester this year. She makes weird decisions but why not? She enjoys going for a walk during her spare (or stressful) time, and she LOVES travelling (probably that’s why she decided to travel to Groningen huh?) and is always excited to make friends from all over the world. Although she is bad at numbers and figures, she is up for a challenge to make some input on the budget plan. For now, she is trying very hard to be more sociable and build a network, that’s why she’s also reaching out for the best jury you will ever meet in the coming Falling Walls Lab Groningen!

Serena Marcellan

Serena is a master student enrolled in the philosophy, politics and economics program. She likes to use this interdisciplinary approach to answer timely questions such as “how to organize a perfect online event?”. She is working hard to improve her managerial and problem-solving skills. Her interests comprise hip hop dancing and travelling to get to know places and new people. She hopes to travel again and share her experiences and knowledge with other passionate and determined people!

Hester Bouma

Hester is a first-year master pharmacy student that has an interest in oncology and explicitly in new innovative treatments in this field. Her hobbies are playing board games, strategically winning over sponsors and pretending to know how to build a website (not bad right?). She is also involved in the marketing of the event and is really looking forward to the 12th of May! Future ambitions are studying abroad and becoming a hospital pharmacist, but for now her focus is on trying to get this event to be the best that it can be, so the great ideas of others get the recognition that they deserve! 

Claire Schimmel

Claire is a master Marketing Management student with a great passion for travelling. When she read that Falling Walls takes place in cities all over the world, she was immediately enthusiastic. She is happy to be part of the Falling Walls team in Groningen this year. Claire lived in South-Korea and Stuttgart for an exchange semester and internship, and the most beautiful countries she has visited are Australia, Singapore & the Philippines. She hopes that she can travel again soon. Claire is involved in the marketing of the event, offline promotion, content for the social media channels and she helps with acquiring participants and audience for the event. It is her first time organizing an online event, so she is really excited to see the end result on the 12th of May! 

Tess Nijssen

Tess came to Groningen in September to start with the master Molecular Medicine and Innovative Treatment. Her personal interests vary greatly and range from infection and immunology research and hiking to science communication and active social engagement. Hence, her enthusiasm to help in hosting this event! By managing the marketing side of the Falling Walls Lab Groningen, helping with the setup of the online environment, and acquiring judges for the event, she is focused on improving her leadership skills. Besides that, she is enjoying the experience of organising such an impactful and exciting event. In the near future, she hopes to do an internship abroad but who can say that she will not return later to participate in a Falling Walls Lab herself?