It’s a wrap!

In our opinion, the Falling Walls Groningen 2021 edition was a huge success! We hope you will all attend next year again and thank you for joining us last Wednesday.

The first place was awarded to Marcel Kempers for breaking the wall of coral reef restoration. Vanessa Bastek ended in second place for breaking the wall of medical hypnotherapy. The third prize went to Elena Soldati for breaking the wall of mental health for pregnant asylum seekers. The people’s favourite was the pitch on chronic pain by Neila Loudini.

We congratulate the winners and all participants on their fantastic pitches and wish Marcel Kempers good luck at the Finale in November!

Other participants were Martha Seitandiou who broke the walls of neglected public spaces. Marco Bertoncin pitched his idea to break the walls of energy transition. Ahmed Khalil broke the walls of biomedical research. Helga Schmid joined us and broke the walls of uchronia – time utopia. Junkai Zhu broke the walls of mental health well-being for carers. The walls of engineering and sport were broken by Eric Tchepanou.

Read more about our participants in the next post!

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