Event programme

This is the programme of the day! We hope that you are just as excited as we are for tomorrow! The pre-event will be held in Gathertown and the official event will take place in BlueJeans. For both places you will get a link if you have signed up for the event. If you did not sign up for the event yet, you can still do that by registering here: 


During the jury discussion on who the winner of this wonderful event will be, you will join one of the three discussion groups, each with their own topic. In the previous post you can find a description of the guest speakers and their topics. See you tomorrow!

Leonardo Levorin

Leonardo Levorin is a student of the Master’s degree in chemistry at the University of Padua (Italy). He is currently living in Germany as an exchange student at the Ruhr University Bochum. In 2020, for his bachelor’s thesis he studied the filtering efficiency of different face masks (both surgical and homemade) to limit the exposure to Covid-19. His ambition is to work for a “new” science capable of developing products and processes while taking care of the environment.

Thijs Broekhuizen

Thijs Broekhuizen is an Associate Professor Innovation Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. He also is the scientific director of the University of Groningen Business School and is responsible for its Executive MBA. He teaches innovation in executive and academic programs. Finally, he runs an annual Innovation Monitor under more than 8000 SMEs in the three Northern provinces of the Netherlands.

Jamilla Latumalea

The last guest speaker is Jamilla and she is one of our own! She is a Supply Chain Management student with a big interest in Lean. Her passion for diversity and inclusion has been a leading theme in the Falling Walls Lab Groningen and has made it a success so far. For her talk, she will dive into this topic even deeper and provide us with very interesting assignments and discussions.

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